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Cosmetic Dentistry

Life Changing Smile Makeovers – Teeth Whitening, tooth colored fillings, veneers, crowns, implants, and dentures are just some of the services we offer to correct gapped, crooked, chipped, missing, or seriously discolored teeth. We can create a new smile for you in as little as one visit. Your smile makeover can be an investment with a big return!

Digital X-rays & Intraoral Pictures – Our comfortable digital x-rays use up to 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays. Together with our intraoral pictures, you can now see what the doctor sees right on the computer monitor. We feel this enhances the quality of care as well as your education and understanding.

Traditional & Power Whitening – For many patients, traditional methods have not been able to bring their smile back to life. Through new techniques we are now able to whiten severely stained smiles more effectively than ever before.

Veneers – Whether your teeth are chipped, crooked, stained, or broken veneers can give most patients the smile they have always dreamed of or once had. Porcelain veneers can be customized to any shape or color. Models and cosmetic photos are taken to communicate the desired results to the lab.

Porcelain Crowns - CAD/CAM technology allows us to take digital impressions of your tooth at your appointment. Our computerized design center fabricates an ideal porcelain crown which precisely matches your existing smile. CAD/CAM technology produces better-fitting, more durable, and more natural looking restorations. (It is important to note, not all teeth are candidates for this technology.)

Smile Design & Preview – Along with your assistance, we design a beautiful and natural smile which you can preview through digital imaging or laboratory mock-up.


At Premier Dental, we NEVER use silver (amalgam) fillings. Silver has long been used in dentistry to restore cavities; however, technology and modern dentistry have resulted in more natural tooth colored filling materials. Previously, these materials were only used on front teeth. The modification of these tooth colored fillings have made them an excellent replacement for the silver fillings on back teeth.

We feel that these tooth colored materials are better suited to fit the restorative needs of today’s patients. They may actually strengthen the teeth by bonding the surfaces together. In addition, the bonding of the material to the teeth allows dentists to cut away less tooth structure while removing cavities – in effect allowing the teeth to remain stronger by staying more intact (silver fillings work by mechanical retention where you must cut away more tooth to pack the filling in). The silver fillings may also weaken the teeth due to their expansion and contraction with temperature leading to microfractures in the tooth. The classic example of this presents as a broken tooth where the large silver filling is still in place and the tooth cusps have broken off around it requiring the need for a cap (crown).

The conservation of natural tooth structure, bonding to the tooth itself, and the prevention of cracks in the teeth are all the reasons why we will NEVER use silver (amalgam) fillings at Premier Dental.