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Laser Dentistry

Our office uses 2 types of lasers:

The first, the Diagnodent, uses laser fluorescence to diagnose decay at the earliest stages. This means less tooth removal and often no needles. This is preventive dentistry at its best! Children, patients with needle phobias, and those who want to conserve as much tooth structure as possible love the Diagnodent.

The second, the CO2 Laser, allows us to perform surgeries and modify gum tissue with less swelling and bleeding. There is usually little, if any, post-operative discomfort.

There are many benefits of laser dentistry:

  • Many procedures performed with soft tissue lasers do not require sutures (stitches)
  • Certain laser procedures do not require anesthesia (no needles)
  • Lasers minimize bleeding at surgical sites
  • Faster wound healing
  • Bacterial infections are minimized post-procedure due to the sterilizing feature of lasers

Soft tissue laser dentistry procedures performed at our office include:

  • Crown Lengthening to reshape gum tissue and expose healthier tooth structure for crowns and fillings
  • Gummy Smile recontouring to improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile
  • Frenum/Muscle Attachment removal for patients who are tongue-tied or who a large gap between their front teeth due to low muscle attachment
  • Epulis/Soft tissue fold removal for patients who have developed this flabby tissue due to ill-fitting dentures